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$200K, the Magic Number. . .

The only settlement information that has been released claims that of the 12K+ cases only 650 have settled for an average dollar amount of just over $200,000 (total $142 mil). Now, this is just an average and we have no idea how much individuals have actually been awarded, but it seems to be the magic […]

If you are taking Yaz and you have leg pain, GO SEE A FRICKIN DOCTOR!

Gheez, I read some of these posts on a Yaz forum from women complaining about being on Yaz and having unendurable leg pain. FOR CHRIST’S SAKE! Go talk to your doctor about getting checked out for blood clots. They can easily take your blood and check your d-dimers or do a venous doppler. Ugh, so frustrating!

NPR Article 12/9/11 “With Doubts, FDA Panel Votes For Yaz And Related Contraceptives”

NPR Article 12/9/11 “With Doubts, FDA Panel Votes For Yaz And Related Contraceptives”

When will Yaz lawsuit settlements occur? How long will they take?

I’m willing to guess these are the first questions that come to mind for anyone considering filing a claim or anyone who has. The answer is complicated and best answered by a lawyer, but even then, it’s unlikely they’d have an easy answer. Here is a Q&A that has been updated since it was first […]

Lawsuits Growing as Settlement Discussions Continue

Originally posted by PR Web on June 21, 2012. . . “According to a federal Multi-District Litigation court established in the Southern District of Illinois to handle Yaz cases, nearly 12,000 people have filed a Yaz lawsuit. The formal case style is Yasmin and Yaz (Drospirenone) Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation (MDL No. 2100). […]

CNN Report On Yaz Blood Clot Risk

CNN Report On Yaz Blood Clot Risk

Originally posted December 8, 2011.


This is a resource center for information about life after blood clots caused by Yaz and other Drospirenone birth control pills. I hope you find it useful, safe, and judgement free place to ask questions, share stories and discover information. The majority of the posts will be a collection of articles, videos, and websites I’ve […]