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Life goes on. . .

Sorry for the total lack of posts lately. As all of us know, despite our ongoing health issues, life goes on (if we’re lucky) and we have to get up, go to work, take care of our families or our cat or our hedgehog (I really want a hedgehog) and try to be happy. My […]


Bayer’s Xarelto OK’d for NHS Use Considering the number of products that Bayer creates it’s no surprise that they also produce a blood thinner medication. I just find it painfully ironic that they created the number one selling birth control pill that is 3 times more likely to cause blood clots and now have the […]

Yaz Settlements Exceed $402 Million

Settlement discussions are progressing and nearly 1,900 cases have settled for a combined amount of $402.6 million. Again, the “magic number” average is approximately $200K. Bayer made $1.1 billion in Yaz/Yasmin sales in 2011. That’s BILLION! ¬†for ONE year of sales! If everyone settles for $200K is that going to be enough to make Bayer […]