Monthly Archives: November 2012

Yaz Users Are Not the Only Victims

Spent a little bit of time on the CafePharma boards today and after digging my way out of the toxic sludge of vitriol, I found a few bits of information. Ultimately it looks like Bayer laid off a good portion of their Women’s Healthcare division (the division that sells their BCPs) and while I don’t […]

“Bayer on track for a successful 2012”. . .and why this pisses me off.

According to the 3rd quarter stockholder’s newsletter from Bayer, business is good. While this doesn’t surprise me considering the vast number of drugs and products they produce, it irks me. I never actually thought the Yaz MDL would shut down Bayer or even get them to pull the drospirenone drugs off the market, but there […]

Working Hard to Forget

I’m trying my hardest to forget that I’m waiting and waiting to hear from my lawyers about news of a settlement, that I’m having to stick myself with a needle twice a day, that when I’m finished with Lovenox I’ll have to go back on that rat poison Coumadin. I’m trying to forget that I […]