Monthly Archives: August 2013

Tell me something good. . .

I’ve decided that we need to share some good news on this blog. I’m tired of being so focused on what is NOT happening or how we feel discouraged or downright mistreated. I’d like to hear about some positive things whether they are YAZ MDL related or not. I’ll go first. . . I totally […]


When I was really into Weight Watchers I frequented their website to find women who were my age, weight, ¬†and height to read their success stories. I’d compare my progress and photos to their own and I found it would encourage me to keep going (“If they could do, I could do it”) and boost […]

Truth: A Painful Pill to Swallow

My email inbox had a Google alert linking to an article in the Montreal Gazette. Upon reading it my first reaction was, “Who the EFF is this guy thinking he has any right to talk about the issues surrounding WOMENS’ birth control pills!?! Is he even a doctor!?!” Well, it turns out he is, , […]