Monthly Archives: November 2013

Are They Changing the Rules?

Originally I figured this was process for the YAZ settlement offers (not having been through it yet myself I’m going off what I’ve learned from other Plaintiffs): 1.) You receive a settlement offer 2.) You sign your settlement agreement 3.) You get a partial payment less lawyers fees and PLRP hold-back 4.) Eventually, you receive […]

REMINDER: YAZ MDL Status Conference

Just wanted to remind those of you who are interested that there is an MDL Status Conference with Judge Herndon ┬ábeing held today at 1:00pm CT. The info is publicly posted, so it doesn’t look like they are restricting anyone from calling. Can’t promise they will have anything very exciting to disclose. I think the […]

Garretson YAZ PLRP Operational Milestone Chart

Many of you who come across this website seem to be in the final stages of your settlements (jealous!). This is great news, but I know it’s left most of you painfully frustrated that you’re being told to hurry up and wait AGAIN when it comes to the lien resolution. In a previous post some […]