What’s your timeline?

The main question we’ve been getting now is “how much time?” Here’s your chance to share your timeline so we can keep them all in one place and hopefully give eachother a little encouragment. Per usual, best not to get too specific, but if you’d like to share what your general timeline has been please do so in the comments below using the example as a template.

SAMPLE TEMPLATE (below is just an example and not an actual timeline of events)

Injury – DVT/PE

10/12 – Initiated claim with lawsuit

01/13 – Signed PLRP

05/13 – Received initial settlement offer

07/13 – Confirmed my liens were resolved

12/13 – Received partial payment

3/14 – Still waiting for final payment



  1. I just got “The Call”- my check is being FedEx’d to me on Monday Sept. 8th. It would have been the day after tomorrow, but we’re going out of town.
    Anyway- my timeline:

    11/2003 – DVT/PE. 27 day hospitalization, angioplasty, tPa, stent placement, anticoagulant therapy for 1 year.

    11/2013 – Initiated claim

    01/08/2014 – Received and signed settlement offer

    02/11/2014 – Signed PLRP and payment election

    09/02/2014- Notified of lien resolution and delivery of funds.

    09/08/2014- Check?

    So, from the date I initiated my claim to the date of payment is roughly 10 months.

    1. Anonymous · · Reply

      Wow, that is impressive!! You’re a lucky girl!! Which firm did you use?

      1. Am I allowed to say the firm name? I’m fortunate in that my attorney/firm is not only co-lead council in the Bayer/Yaz MDL, he was also the one who filed the initial first 4 lawsuits against Bayer that got this whole thing started. He definitely has expertise and experience in this, so I think that’s one of the reasons that mine has gone so smoothly. That and, when I “signed on” they were already preparing to send the next wave of claims in, so I was added to the group and didn’t have to wait until they had a substantial number of claims to submit.

      2. I’m trying my best to keep this forum as anonymous as possible just to protect everyone’s case and their personal lives, so I don’t encourage people sharing too many details that identify them by name, city, or who their lawyers are.

      3. I know I had to sign a confidentiality agreement but, if I remember right, that mostly applies to the media. It did discourage me from discussing details of my settlement with anyone outside of my immediate family.
        I understand why certain identifiers are censored in this forum but it does tend to make me a little crazy. There have been some things that other’s have posted that made me wonder just who in heck is representing them.

      4. I filed in December 13’….received my offer in the middle of August, I know that all 32 of the women in my group accepted their offers. Now how long do we wait for an initial check??

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    I am still waiting too. My firm is in Texas, but not those initials. It’s been over 2 years since I filed my claim. Thought we’d have checks over the summer, but are still being held up for extra paperwork that needed to be submitted for something on one of the others in the group.
    I think the time that Bayer takes to approve each group varies – we’ve seen some on here that are very fast and others that just seem to keep dragging out…

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    My attorney said that his estimate of 150 days in January was just an estimate of the shortest time possible. We are now at 240 days and he said to just sit back and wait for the payment and to contact him in another 30 days. He is estimating approval in the next few months…. This is so frustrating. The timelines vary so much with each attorney and wish they had a better handle on the process. I feel like I am just fed generic answers each time I contact my attorney. I will be happy when this is over.

  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    I really don’t think the attorneys know any faster that we do. Once they get the paperwork in, it’s just a waiting game for everyone. I am sure they want payments as soon as we do – they are getting a good chunk of it! I think we get the generic answers that we all get so frustrated with because they really don’t have anything else to tell us.

  5. I’ve been following this blog for several months and I just received my partial disbursement so I thought I would post my “timeline”

    June 2009 – Pulmonary Embolism

    August 2013 – contacted attorney’s office.

    February 2014 – received initial settlement details

    May 2014 – signed settlement paperwork

    July 2014 – signed PLRP paperwork

    September 2014 – received partial disbursement.

    So overall, the process has been 13 months from initial contact to partial payment.

    Now I’m looking forward to putting this money in the bank, forgetting that its there, and letting it grow!

    Good luck, ladies!

    1. Thanks for reading 🙂 Congratulations and I think you’ve got a great plan. It’s nice knowing if you ever need it, that money is available (and growing).

  6. I was wondering how everyone faired in the appeal process to collect a portion of the group settlement that was held back. In my wife’s case they claim her amount has the potential to be in creased by xx,xxx.00 amount. Has anyone had any luck actually getting the majority of the amount they dangle in front of you. As of right now my wife and I agree that the amount she was offered will be turned down. If they actually added the full amount that they claim she might get on appeals process it would be enough to move us into the maybe column on the settlement. That total amount would be the bare bones minimum we have agreed to accept amongst ourselves.

    If all else fails we are prepared to turn down any and all settlement offers and wait 5 more years till bayer is so sick and tired of dealing with this issue and will then start offering money just to go away. It’s a travesty how they’ve treated all the women hurt by this drug and I refuse to let them continue this bull shit.

    1. Anonymous · · Reply

      I’m confused. Did your wife get a settlement offer? Who claimed that the amount would be increased? Each group and law firm seems to work differently. My law firm does not do any partial payments, so when I get mine, it will be for the entire amount that they offered out of the group settlement, minus the lawyer’s fees (which I knew up front) and the money the insurance company took. After those fees come out it is definitely a smaller number, but the other choice – to pay a lawyer up front to argue the case in court, would be very costly. And who has that sort of time and money?

      1. Yes she got a settlement offer, but in that offer it shows where the attorneys held out an ” Appeals Reserve” for the entire group. Basically they took 20% off the top of the groups settlement and set it aside for appeals. If no one in the group wins an appeal they divide that 20% they set aside pro-rata among all the women in the group. This is where her settlement can increase by xx,xxx amount. I’m just wondering if anyone actually has seen their settlement go up by the number they claim it will.

      2. Yes, I received almost exactly what they said I would from the “Appeals Reserve” because, no one in my group appealed their settlement breakdown. Now, the medical liens holdback was a different story completely.

  7. @Duke no one in our group appealed either so settlement amounts went up mines was more like $ x, xxx.00. I’m pretty sure there were a few people who ended up with a $ xx, xxx.00 increase after no appeals, since there were 54 women in my group. On another note I followed through with my emails/calls to my attorneys office weekly and was told today that check were being processed today and will go out tomorrow. I know there are at least 3 beauties in my group on this blog so ladies hopefully we will have a check in our hands in a few days.

    1. @ Jazz. It is so nice to have other women from my group to be able to talk to. (54 cases) Mine was increased by $xx,xxx.00. Due to no one appealing in our group. The thing that SUCKS about my case is I am not going to get a check anytime soon. 😦 I am waiting for medicaid’s lien to be resolved which can take (from what I am told) 6 months to 2 years!
      I am happy for you and everyone else who has either gotten or is expecting a check.
      Wishing all of you awesome ladies and family of ladies who were affected by this hellish drug, peace and happiness for years to come!

  8. Received my 1st check yesterday…yeppie 😊

    1. YAY!!!!!! That’s so awesome Jazz!! I am happy for you!

      1. I’m happy for everyone out there but I got TTP after taking yaz. I ended up in the hospital for a month and on chemotherapy for about 6 months. This all happened in 2005. I filed a claim in 2009 and am still waiting for words from bayer.! Meanwhile I get sick very easily, have Infertiity issues, and suffer heads and migraines a few times a month. Anyone else out there deAling with this???!!
        Oh and this all happened at 18 years old and my first year in college.

  9. Liens have been resolved since June and I was given a timeline of 90 days to receive a check. Still no check….is anybody in the same boat?

    1. Anonymous · · Reply

      I was cleared of any liens in March and Rawlings supposedly just generated the letter to Bayer stating so. My attorney recommended checking back in with him next month. Another 30/60 days…….blah, blah, blah….

  10. Was told that bayer has sent a check/funded our group settlement. Hopefully it shouldn’t be much longer till they send out our checks. It’s not about the money though. We would rather just put this chapter to rest and move on.

    1. My group was funded over a year ago and Bayer has not given authorization to release the funds. It will be four years thus far in July.

    2. How are checks coming for everyone? Fed-ex? Regular postal? Just curious..

      1. I see no check in sight. Very dissapointed as it has been over a year that my case had been settled. I do not think Bayer will ever authorize the release of funds…..which I do not understand. Thr caee has been settled!!

      2. Regular mail for me.

  11. Anonymous · · Reply

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time and decided to jump in here since my timeline seems waaay longer than what you are experiencing/have experienced and I’m wondering if anyone else is involved in the what seems like “ten year plan”.

    2008 – hospitalized with PE
    2010 – case filed

    Sometime in 2011, I believe, it was moved to Illinois.. that’s where it sits. My case is still “pending” although I just read that the judge is remanding all cases back to courts of origin for pretrials, etc. So it will be 5 years this year that I filed and 7 years since the injury. Any thoughts on why? I’m with a reputable firm, and was filed with a very small group (less than 10). Is anyone else in the same holding pattern as I am?

  12. I feel the same

    Sept 2009 – Heart attack, diagnosed wrong for a year, blood clot through my heart

    October 2009 – contacted attorney’s office.

    Still waiting. Told trial started in May 2015, just contacted my attorney, they know nothing say nothing It will be 6 years in Sept

    holding pattern doesn’t
    even describe how frustrated I am right now

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