Practicing gratitude. But first, a temper tantrum!

So, I’ve been laying low because I’ve been processing exactly how all of this turned out for me. Long story short: I GOT SCREWED! Not only was my settlement offer considerably less than what I was expecting, but I will only walk away with about 30% of Gross settlement amount. 30 FUCKING PERCENT!

Now, this post isn’t meant to incite a pity party for little ‘ol me. I’m alive, I can feed myself, I can walk, I can see, I have little to no physical impairments from my injuries. The money I have been awarded will be a huge help to my family, but obviously I’m still seriously pissed that I’m walking away with considerably less than what was presented to me.

Needless to say I’M OVER IT! I’m so fucking done with this whole mess. This is me having a hissy-fit and once I get it out of my system, I’ll be fine. . . .<<deep breath>>

OK, moving on to what I’m grateful for. . .

– My existing state of health (physically, I’m doing pretty good)

– The health of my family: we’re happy and having a great summer so far

– Everyone this blog has helped and brought together

– My family can wipe our financial slate clean. Not many families will ever get that kind of opportunity

– I’m still alive to share my story

There are of course many other things to be grateful for, but I’ll leave it at that for now.  So, in the comments no pity parties!!! Please share something positive that you are grateful for. This may be my last post, so I’d like to end on a positive note.




  1. OMG Mrs. T!! How the hell did that happen? I don’t blame you for venting – you go girl!!! This upsets me very much. You have done so much to give all of us hope and guidance and for this to happen to you is heartbreaking.

    I’ll tell you what I am grateful for ….. You. You have given me and all of us a place to find answers through this frustrating and helpless process.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers and I am so sad for you and your family. God knows you did not deserve this. It aint over for any of us until we either get the boot or a final check. So far I see only one person did. Not very encouraging.

    But on the grateful side. I have my health back. I am debt free and grateful that I received at least one check out of this. I pray to the good Lord nothing like this ever happens to me again. And believe me it could have. Twice I was given a “new” pill to try out and if it wasn’t for my own due diligence, I would have had another fricken clot. Yes, indeed. Since they pushed Yasmin on me, another doctor almost did the same damn thing. PLEASE PEOPLE – READ THE SIDE EFFECTS BEFORE THEY KILL US ALL. Neither drug was for birth control or anything like that. One was for osteopenia and another was for acid reflux. Both side effects said not to take if you were prone to blood clots or ever had a PE. I had a fit and consulted my doctors immediately. They don’t read, they don’t know what they are giving us. That’s how we all ended up here in the first place. Turns out all I need is to take vitamins for the osteopenia and a different pill for the acid reflux. But God forbid if they don’t help out the pharmaceutical companies pass out their freebeeze. My own doctor apologized to me when he realized what his Nurse Practitioner had almost done to me.

    Ok – now I am venting too. Good luck Mrs. T. and stay healthy XOXOX

    1. @Elle – thank you for your sweet words and reminder for all of us to vigilantly be our own health advocates. More than once my PCP has prescribed meds that interacted with Coumadin. When I asked her, she said, “no, this won’t affect the coumadin. It’s fine.” only to end up with sky rocketing INR. Best of health to you 🙂

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    I am only expecting 30% too which is better than nothing but I hear you! I was so disappointed when I ran my numbers. You and your family are healthy, have a roof over your head and are blessed….just like the rest of us. Just take a deep breath and move on….easier said than done…..but try. That is all any of us can do!

  3. I don’t understand? I know the attorneys get 40 percent or so. I thought the insurance company was limited to 15%. Where does the rest go? I am so grateful for this blog and the information received here!

    1. The insurance companies are only limited to 15% IF they participate in the lien resolution program. If they do not choose to participate in the program then Garretson negotiates directly (and I use the term “negotiates” loosely).

      1. Subrugation is highway robbery. I’m so sorry!

  4. Okay guys here is what needs to happen — I feel EXACTLY how Mrs. T feels and we have a few places to let out feelings be known – FIRST to the judge who agreed to the terms (I truly believe he has no idea how we faired), especially the lien waver section, the court costs, the additional attorney fees and how we as a group were presented to the judge. Our treatment has been deplorable from the way the attorneys left us sit in the dark to allowing the claim to be settle knowing full good and well we would not be made whole. The years we have waited should have been worth something, yet our insurance company, doing nothing (no litigation, no attorneys or court cost) still probably still did better % than we did..if we say nothing,. nothing changes.

  5. Did you get the check, or just the offer or statement of what would be coming?
    I am definitely grateful for this board and the information provided here, and am grateful to be alive. My injury made me see things in life clearly and I made some big changes afterward, so I am grateful for those choices (some were hard, but ended up being the best!)

    1. Initial settlement statement and was told verbally. Final statement and breakdown will come with the check (so I was told).

  6. OhMyGod! Why!?!? PLRP took the entire 30%?

      1. Kathryn · ·

        Wait, wait! I am so confused – I thought your insurance was participating in the PLRP. Were they not on that list or were they? I just don’t understand if this is something new where they can suddenly opt out after already voluntarily participating?

      2. Hi Kathryn, I’ve had multiple insurance companies over the years. One participated in the PLRP, the other didn’t. The one who didn’t carried the majority of my hospital and injury costs, so were entitled to the the majority of the holdback (which they took). The list that everyone keeps referring to (well at least the list that I got) was simply a list of health insurance companies that would be APPROACHED to participate in the PRLP. It was NOT a declaration of participation, there was never any guarantee that those insurance companies listed would negotiate as part of the PLRP. Everyone should keep that in mind as they move forward with the lien resolution.

      3. Kathryn · ·

        Oh hell to all this bullshit! I hate this system we’re all helplessly locked into. F*ck them for screwing you 😡

        (pardon my french…)

        I guess I’m just thankful that things aren’t worse.

  7. coloradogal · · Reply

    I am grateful for my dream wedding this summer and erasing some debt. I am grateful for this blog to help me navigate through the legal process for the past 18 months and knowing there were so many of us affected. Until we meet again ladies, best wishes to everyone!

    1. Oh, congratulations!!! Hope it’s an amazing day of love and celebration for you and your families. That’s wonderful news!

  8. Mrs. T., I’ve been wondering about you ever since you replied to my comment under another post. You said that you found out you have Factor V also, right? I have a feeling that I’m going to get screwed in this as well. I found out a year after my PEs that I had Factor V Leiden. My attorney apparently had a conference call with Bayer attorneys (which they initially told me was my case going to settlement conference but they apparently misspoke) and the Bayer attorneys latched right on to my Factor V, asked for additional medical records and told my attorney they thought their amount for me was too high, or something to that effect. I’ve been wondering ever since if this mess is even worth it. I’m sorry! We all deserve so much more!

    1. Hi Jayce, no I don’t have Factor V or any other known clotting disorder. Sorry I can’t be more help. I think there are some women here who do have it though. It was my understanding that a preexisting condition like a clotting disorder wouldn’t affect a settlement offer too much. . .depending on whether or not your Dr. knew about it before prescribing the BCP. Most women don’t know they have a clotting disorder until something like a BCP causes a clotting episode. It’s just not something we’re regularly tested for, but in my opinion should be! It would save so many lives.

      1. Oh, I must have mixed up some of the stories I’ve read. Goodness knows there are enough of them! And I’m grateful that boards like this let me know that I’m not alone.

      2. I have May-Thurner and assumed that my settlement wouldn’t be much because of it. I was surprised at my amount. On the other hand- I haven’t received a dime yet and I can only assume that any claim put in is going to be high. I had a month long hospitalization with many tests, angioplasty/stent, etc.

    2. I was found to have a factov V mutation and it did not effect my settlement offer.

      1. DD and shelleysealy69, I’m glad to know these didn’t affect your offers. Thanks!

  9. Caroline · · Reply

    Hi Mrs. T! I am so sorry to hear about your experience! You definitely deserve so much more than that! I am grateful to have received a first check and to receive approximately 52% of the gross when it’s all said and done. I was told that the only thing holding up the 17.5% that was held back is the letter from Rawlings stating that my insurance company has been paid. My insurance lien was only $6500 (4% of gross) and once that is paid, defense (aka bayer) requires proof that they actually got paid. I was told that the proof of payment letter should come any day now from Rawlings so the remaining 17.5% that was held back should be released to me soon, God willing. I am grateful to have erased a good bit of my debt and to be in good overall health. I am grateful to be almost done with this whole process! It was very lengthy and grueling to say the least! Mrs. T do you mind me asking why you are only receiving 30% of the gross? Did your insurance company not participate in the PLRP program? I am grateful that I guess I got lucky in the amount I received (and still waiting to receive). But I am very disheartened to hear that others were not so lucky. Did you have an opportunity to reject the initial settlement offer, mrs. T?

  10. If you can afford to wait. Turn down the offer.

  11. I’m grateful for the whole process to be over! (soon I Hope) I think that I will be getting only 30% of the gross as well.
    But I look at it this way, I am alive, I am happily married and have a wonderful daughter.I think that this whole blood clot BS has made me appreciate my life and how fragile it is.
    I am sure that in the future I will have to go back to the Lovenox injections for some reason. But oddly enough, I’m ok with that. because that’s life. Bayer screwed my body up not a damn thing I could have done to prevent it. I believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason.
    I wish everyone who was affected by this horrible drug gets some kind of closer or peace if not now but eventually. Its a hard thing to recover from.
    Good Luck to ALL!

  12. Ok Im new here first of all I spoke to an attorney last June he said the settlements were around 150,000 and could be paid out in as little as 8 weeks so I agreed to the 40% and costs thinking they’d be realistic! My case was settled in Jan with 16 others on that day my attorney called and asked if anything else had happened to me. And it had originally I had a DVT in my arm at that time I was involved in a car accident so the medical bill for that came out of that settlement. IN 2012 I was hospitalized with a PE than last Dec I was hospitalized again with excess bleeding from the Coumadin I had to have a blood transfusion the whole nine yards now im back on Lenox which I get for 7 days in a row I have state insurance or they would cost me 1200.00 a week! I was tested im not predisposed to blood clots. So last month I received word my settlement amount is $xxx,xxx they sent me a release form that says im getting $xxxx.xx when I called about that they gave me b.s. ( im a paralegal) I know when somethings off anyway she says that’s how there done then I got the estimate sheet the way it reads is im getting $xx,xxx.xx after a series of silly charges that I asked for itemized she said she had a sheet of definitions of what the charges were for but what she sent me wasnt the charges I had on my sheet when I asked her for those charges she responded there all costs associated with the case! She did say that once everyone returned there release forms we’d be paid in 20 days if I needed some sooner they could do that and just wire it to my account. Mind you nothing they emailed me has my name or information on it. I consulted another attorney who says that the $xx,xxx.xx is what they’re taking and not to sign the release he wants to see the original lawsuit and wants to know how they calculated my injuries and did any of the other injuries or the fact that my life is forever changed and will continue to be get acknowledged cause it doesnt seem as such. So I had to hire him to look into this for me I had no idea these forums were even here. And I wondering why everyone was waiting so long to be paid when they told me 20 days mind you nothing in writing. They were hounding me for the release but have slowed down so someone else must be stalling also oh and my contract states I have to agree on the settlement amount which they never sent me a copy of the original contract until asked now and I didnt agree to that amount. Now im with everyone else due to my health im 43 living with my parents have no car and a teenage son so I need this money but also want what is deserved and dont want to get screwed over either. Did anyone else ask about any of my issues our injury score, what is on and not on the release, oh and as far as any liens like I said if there only going off my original DVT it was paid and insurance is non the wiser about my other related injuries so I should have no liens. I was confused before I found these forums now im completely lost! Anyone with any of the same issues please respond did anyone hold out for a bigger settlement?
    Thanks everyone,

    1. Hello, i have been gettingthe run around with my case. Dianyone provide any assistanced you hve to be on yaz during the time you had episode? I had a previous stroke that was dscovered whn i had another stroke. Was on yaz for 8 yrs!! I has 5 TIA and cerebral brain stent. Please give guidance!!

      1. I can’t tell from your post. Are you asking whether you had to be ON YAZ at the time of the injury in order for your case to be accepted? My guess is YES! If you weren’t on YAZ at the time of the DVT/PE/Stroke, they won’t consider your injuries YAZ related. Only a lawyer can answer this for sure though.

  13. Mrs. T,

    Your post left me speechless.. I am so sorry you got screwed, and for anyone else who may have gotten screwed. Personally I think we all got screwed paying a lawyer 30-40% to begin with. But to have to pay the full holdback is insane. I wish you all the best.

    On a positive note, I am SO GRATEFUL for this BLOG! I don’t know how I would have stayed sane without it. I received my final check last week, and I will continue to follow this blog, but not stalk it like I did

    I am grateful for everyone who shared their story so we could understand this whole process.

    I am grateful for my current state of health (even if I do worry every time I get the slightest pain in my leg or chest).

    I am thankful for all my family has done.

    I am thankful that I don’t have to worry about bills for however long this $ will last.

    Thank you God that I am alive to type at this very moment.

  14. I was hospitalized for ten days after taking Yaz in 2008, with pulmonary embolisms. I still have no information on my case, going on 7 years. [My lawyers] still have no idea on when things will be offered and gives me very little information.

  15. I had BCBS of TX, anyone if they are participating on the Lien Program? Is there a list somewhere to check? I’m told that that Bayer is not settling the BeYaz cases “at this time” but that I do have a case filed with the court so “eventually” I should get a settlement.

  16. Ok…I found a list…so let me get this right..if your insurance is part of PLRP the max they can claim is 15% of your gross settlement? My Lawyer sucks at sharing any kind of info and I avoid contacting them in case they are trying to bill that time…

  17. michelle · · Reply

    I am sorry Mrs T that sucks what they did to you!!!!! Well back for an update just entered the lean program last week cause we had to wait for a return of releases from my group of 22 which had to be 95% return. I don’t understand why ppl sit on there releases I had to wait 1 month yes that’s right 1 month before thet will send to garretson so I can finish this part so I can get what I was awarded they take 2 long . Thanks

  18. Ugh, Mrs. T! That’s complete bullsh*t and I am so pissed for you. 😡

    With that said, I am extremely grateful for your intelligence and diligence in running this site. You took time out of your life to keep us informed, write new content and give us a place to share our experiences/frustrations. And unlike some others we’ve encountered on this long road with Yaz, you have kept our best interests at heart which speaks highly of your character. We’re lucky to have you.

    So, what did your firm tell you? Like, “remember that %-age we held back from your initial check? Well, unfortunately looks like your initial check was also your final check. Have a great day!” Did you know that your insurance wasn’t participating in the lien resolution group? Did they advise you that they weren’t?

    Please don’t feel obligated to answer any of the above. It just seems so shady on their part (surprise, surprise) and I guess I’m mentally preparing myself for the possibility of the same scenario.

    1. H DD, thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot to me 🙂 Here’s what went down in as much of a nutshell as possible: My insurance company refused to participate in the PRLP. My lawyers kept me very informed about all of this every step of the way. Garretson negotiated the lien on my behalf, but all the communication came through my lawyer. According to my health insurance contract I signed through my place of employment the insurance co. had the right to 100% recovery and the bastards exercised that right, thus taking nearly all of the holdback (Garretson fees took up whatever remained). So there you go. Could Garretson have negotiated better? Maybe. Could the insurance company have been nice and offered to take a reduced sum? Probably, but NOPE, they had to be dicks about it. (Sorry, still ticked.) Fingers crossed you don’t meet my same fate. Hang in there, DD! You’re near end.

  19. OMG!!! That’s horrible. Those bastards!

  20. Jennifer C · · Reply

    Just wondering Mrs.T since you seem to be the only real community on the Yaz matter would it be possible to have a discussion on how everyone is physically since its been roughly 6 years or more since Yaz has officially been marked with complications I’m wondering how everyone is coping physically. I know this is a great site to discuss the legal side of things and to be a sound board for others but I’ll be honest there are times when I get a leg pain and start to cry because I am not sure if it’s a clot or not and I fear my life will forever be in fear of being inches from death by another clot. But just a suggestion not sure if its been discussed before or not 🙂

    1. @Jennifer C – I think that’s a great idea. I’ll start a new thread in the next day or two where people can share 🙂

  21. Jennifer C · · Reply

    And to leave a comment about your post Mrs.T I feel so horrible that youre having to go through this!!! My fear was the same with my insurance which was Medicaid because I heard that they go for the gutso. You seem like a truly genuine beautiful spirit and I am a firm believer in faith and karma and all the good that you are doing by running this site is and will be coming back to you three fold. I truly believe you are doing alot of good and you have done so much for me personally that you just dont know. I can come to this site and get so much information and so much help and from the bottom of my heart I truly thank you 🙂

  22. This whole ordeal is one big circle jerk. My wife and I have decided that if she can’t be fairly compensated for her injuries then no one else should either. That includes the lawyers, insurance company, judge, garrettson ect. We’d rather leave the lawsuit open for another 5 to 7 years than settle for 30%. Of course our law firm thinks we are joking when we tell them this and they think once we see the settlement we will change our minds. I just laugh at them. It’s getting pretty annoying you can’t ever talk to the same person twice. Since we’ve signed with them they we are on our third paralegal. Each one knows less and less. The current one tried to tell me that our insurance company isn’t participating in the PLRP which I know is wrong as I’ve seen the list and they are clearly stated on there.

    1. @Duke – I feel your frustration and am glad to see someone who is able to hold-out and fight a little harder than so many of us were capable of doing. I commend you for your perserverence and bravery. I really hope it pays off in the end. Regarding the PLRP, take a look at the fine print at the top of the PLRP list again. . .if yours is like mine it says “Here is a list of insurance companies we will be APPROACHING to participate in the PLRP program.” It does NOT say they ARE participating. Hopefully that’s not the case for the list that you have, because it’s a HUGE benefit for you to have them participate. Best of luck!

  23. We got offered XXk for 2 days Hospitalization for DVT. IS that fair? After the Attorney and Insurance we walk with about XXk. I was sure hoping for something north of 120k.

    1. Fair? No, I don’t think that any of this is fair. But, according to the survey we did in 2013 a DVT injury regardless of hospital stay was being awarded less than $100K, so your offer (which I “x’d” out) seems inline. You can read the survey results here:

  24. Mrs. T

    I’m not so sure it’s bravery. I attribute it more to me being a hard headed German. I’ve got our law firm right where I want them. For the last two years it’s been hurry up and wait. Well now it’s time to wait on my wife and I. The funny thing is our Law Firm has solicited business from an Organization I work for. They want to be our sole legal provider for all the members. This contract is huge and dwarf’s any settlement offer we’d ever receive. Lets just say their are a lot of eyes on my wife’s case and how they handle it. I’m still leaving final judgment up in the air and if they do us right I’ll let every one know. Of course the flip side is if they fumble this case they can forget about any future business from my organization.

  25. Stephanie · · Reply

    Is anyone else part of the Girardi & Keese group?? I feel like I am the last person on earth awaiting ANYTHING! An offer would be a start!! I am beyond frustrated and just downright hopeless. It’s been almost 9 years now. Someone somewhere give me some hope!

    1. Hi Stephanie, I am part of the GK group and I heard nothing from them in about a year so I’m in the same boat.I was hoping to uncover some kind of info on the blog. I’m not even sure who my atty is anymore, it’s moved 3-4 times. Any info you can share would be appreciative.

      1. Stephanie · ·

        G. G.

        I have emailed them SEVERAL times and have received no reaponse. And these are “supposed” to be the best in the country?!? I really don’t know what else to do 😦

      2. Call them! Every day until someone responds to you. Have a list of questions ready. Emails are easy to ignore. Hang in there!

    2. I’m with them, too…extremely frustrating! I can’t understand, either, why they made me believe that they were #1 on the list of who knows the facts of the lawsuit, but we seem to be the last to get anything done! It makes no sense to me at all. And any time I’ve talked to them (me initiating the conversation, not them), they just have general blanket statements. I did not have insurance and had a massive PE and plural infusion back in Feb of 2010, and at the moment, I am debating on whether or not to go back to the hospital for what is obviously another blood clot I have right now. My hospital bill back them was $200,000, which doesn’t include the year of coumadine and the sometimes twice a week doctor visits to check my blood thickness levels while on coumadine, or the other hospital visits or my current blood clot concern. When I wanted to try to get a pre-settlement loan just to make ends meet (after about 3 years of waiting), GK talked me out of it, and they said that there is no way I would even get $200,000. I was shocked and very p***ed! They said something like they were getting other PE victims anywhere between 115,000 and 75,000 (not counting the legal costs)! Something like that, but I can’t be sure of the exact numbers because I was in shock! I know we’re not supposed to discuss amounts, but at this point, I WANT TO KNOW! I told them about my bill, and that I didn’t have insurance. She obviously didn’t realize I didn’t have insurance, which really bothered me a lot. Shouldn’t they know these things? She didn’t adjust her opinion on my situation in that phone call, so my hopes are not good. It’s been about 4 months since I email them and got a reply. In that email, they still gave blanket statements, but added that they were hoping to finish up in a few months. Still no more word on anything. At this point, I am starting to think that this new blood clot should just finish me off. I can’t work, and I can’t get disability. I’m not suicidal, or anything, but I don’t know how I’m going to survive if I can’t even get my bills paid. I am looking for anyone who wants to communicate more openly about this crappy situation in private, especially if their attorney is G&K. If there’s anyone out there interested, please contact me through FB. My name is [[removed by site monitor]]. Thanks so much for listening, everybody!

  26. I just found this blog and I’m very appreciative of all the time you put into providing all this information! There is one thing I’m not clear on. Are these settlements being referred to in this post and the comments for DVT and PE specifically or do they include heart attacks and strokes, too? I can’t seem to find anything that says either way. Originally they indicated that they were going to consider DVT and PE together and then stroke and heart attacks individually, but I haven’t seen anything recent about it. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    1. @Red – thanks for your kind words. Yes, the majority of people posting here have suffered either a DVT, PE, or both. Gallbladder cases have settled, but I don’t think any of them have seen payouts yet. Most Stroke cases have NOT settled, but some have. My lawyers said the same as yours – that they were even looking at Stroke/Heart Attack/Death cases yet. However, I’ve personally spoke to at least two people who suffered strokes and whose cases have settled.

      1. I received a breakdown of the other people in my group, and one of them was a death case.

  27. missems777 · · Reply

    Today I learned my vascular surgeon wants to strip the vein my DVT occurred in. I found this blog and feel the need to throw my own temper tantrum. In 2003 I became unable to walk at the age of 19. I was diagnosed with a massive DVT. I had been only taking Yasmin for 4 months. My life plan was thrown out the window. College took longer to complete due to hospitalizations/blood draw appointments. I had to switch college majors because, guess what? You have to be able to walk around as a paramedic and guess what again, no Navy for me.

    I did the best I could with my situation with finally graduating with a college degree in sports medicine in December 2007. I was able to gradually walk again but I will never be able to run or walk for long periods of time. With having to deal with being college longer (more costly this way) I also worked several jobs to pay for school and medical bills that accumulated. I literally would not sleep for 50 hours straight each week due to having school and having an afternoon job and a night shift job. I worked 7 days a week, no days off! The thing that got me through this hard work was to not let the DVT destroy me completely and the thought that I would be able to have a well paying job once I graduate was my motivation.

    I thought I was going to have a new chapter in life. WRONG the DVT once again beat me. Not only did the economy crash at this time, no graduate schools would accept me because I was unable to do a full time internship while an undergrad. I HAD TO GET PAID. I couldn’t work for free due to once again medical bills, paying for school and I lived on my own! I volunteered 5 hours a week my final year, but apparently thats not good enough.

    I filed for a lawsuit at this time in 2008. Finally justice was about to happen. Not!!! I gave up on getting anything in 2012. I figured the lawyers were just using me to pad there numbers for other cases that would make them more money. So, I decided to go into nursing school. I am once again working hard to beat the DVT impact on my life.

    In December 2014 I will be graduating from nursing school. To help me transform away from the negative impact that these last 11 years has put on me I decided to get rid of a varicose vein on my stomach. Come to find out the fairly large and painful vein is due to the damage of the DVT! Im scheduled for surgery to remove the scarred vein at the age of 30!

    This is something that is going to follow me my whole life and it depresses me. I thought I had made peace with that devastating time in my life, but after knowing I need to actually remove the vein with surgery I feel beaten down again. Yasmin has destroyed me physically, mentally and emotionally and there will probably never be any justice for me. I obviously chose the wrong lawyers

  28. Update on case! The lein process is almost over for me cause i just sighed my affdavit stateing i dont have private health insurence as for medicade and medicare they are almost finished as well just to let u know that Medicade and medicare are rip off artests and wont get much from me because they where dropped to nearly nothing and hopeing this nightmare will be over in a couple of months. The next update is when this nightmare is over and i hope everyone lives a long and beautiful life and this will be over for u lady to.

  29. Hi all,

    I’m a bit late to this party but wanted to reach out in case there’s anyone who can shed some light.

    I’m in a CA for my TIA on June 9, 2011 from Be yaz use. I suffered a sudden onset of total paralysis on my righthand side, speech impaired, face droop, and zero ability to move my limbs for aprox a hour. Was on a work trip in San Fran when it occurred. Let me tell you, I’ve never been so thankful for coworkers! I didn’t have anyone else with me and had to fly back to NYC two days later totally alone. lol. It’s actually humorous looking back.

    Thankfully, I was only in the hospital for 2 days and released after a battery of tests- cat scans, heart scans, the works and have since fully recovered (well, besides the panic attacks I now get any time my body feels “off”). That’s a really awesome side effect.

    I am using <> but have yet to hear any real updates. The last I’ve heard is that they haven’t even started reviewing the stroke cases yet. I’m not sure what the hold up is but from the looks of these posts, that’s fairly Normal?

    Does anyone know of stroke/TIA cases getting settled? Does anyone know of anyone using Wendt Goss?

    Please feel free to email me. I’m feeling a bit abandoned! Thank you all and happy to have found this resource.

  30. I was wondering how everyone faired in the appeal process to collect a portion of the group settlement that was held back. In my wife’s case they claim her amount has the potential to be in creased by xx,xxx.00 amount. Has anyone had any luck actually getting the majority of the amount they dangle in front of you. As of right now my wife and I agree that the amount she was offered will be turned down. If they actually added the full amount that they claim she might get on appeals process it would be enough to move us into the maybe column on the settlement. That total amount would be the bare bones minimum we have agreed to accept amongst ourselves.

    If all else fails we are prepared to turn down any and all settlement offers and wait 5 more years till bayer is so sick and tired of dealing with this issue and will then start offering money just to go away. It’s a travesty how they’ve treated all the women hurt by this drug and I refuse to let them continue this bull shit.

  31. Update!!!!! on my case we finally are done with my leans thats right 100% done just waiting on the finale demand letter for medicare which took forever now we have to wait on bayer to pay out my money thats owed to me well i dont no how long that will be for my sake hopefully not long so i can move on with me and my husbands life and i will be back for 1 more update when we are completely done and have our money inhand (medicade went from $80.000 to 0 and medicare from $15.000 to $132.01) shiparo settlement solutions took very good care of me not garretson which i thought was taking care of my case ill will be back soon….

  32. Update on my case!!!!! I finally got the recieveocess over thats right 100% over just waiting on the final demand letter from Medicare which that process took for ever cause private leans took 120 days and medicare took 29 days to finally put out our demand letter and now have to wait on bayer to look it over and approve it so we can get paid what is owed to me and my husband so we can move on with our lives (medicade from $80.000 to $0 and medicare from $15.000 to $132.01) thats great shipero settlement solutions to real good care of me not garretison which i originally thought they were I will be back for 1 more update when i recieve 💰

      1. It is finally over thank god long process!!!!!!


  33. After 7 long years since my clot and 5 years of litigation and waiting, I wanted everyone to know I finally got my final settlement check tonight. It was two years almost to the date since I received the first half and now I am done. It is over for me and I can’t be more relieved. I just wanted to give hope to those still waiting that there is an end to all of this. For the longest time I thought maybe my leg was being pulled and then I thought the resolution group would find something that would result in me either not getting anything at all or considerably less than I had hoped. The end result was just a few hundred dollars less to the resolution group. But the rest is all mine and I can’t wait to deposit this in the bank. I said a while back that I would let you guys know as soon as I get something and I believe more and more of you will be seeing an end in sight soon. I pray that you too will get closure. I am still in shock and in disbelief that it is finally over for me. Wishing you all good luck and blessings.

    1. Thank you for the updates. It has been so long without any news. Haven’t even received a settlement offer yet. It is reassuring to know things are still moving forward!

  34. This is my final update just sighed our final accounting Papers on this past monday and we finished our process we should recieve our payment this week cause we where told by our lawyer that this was last step….. This was a long haul from starting our suit november 201. To recieveing payment janurary 2015 almost 2 1/2 years i wish all u the best oF luck and for the ppl who are just starting it is a long haul hang in there good luck to everyone!!!!!!! Michelle

  35. I was wondering what everyone experienced on the medical lien hold back amount. I’ve read our release form and we fall into 17.5% hold back category, but has anyone actually seen them only hold back that amount. Everything I’ve read online is most people have 30% or more held back for liens.

    1. Anonymous · · Reply

      any update Duke? I feel like you… don’t want to settle unless its going to change my life again and for the better this time… lawyers are pressuring me so I’m seeking input on how others are handling this legal dance…

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