Happy and Healthy (?)

I promised to post this a long time ago, but life as usual has been nutty, so here it is a few months late. . .

How is everyone feeling? Where are you in your recovery process and has your health stabilized or are you continuing to struggle with injuries big or small?

My DVT/PE’s happened just over 4 years ago and compared to many other women my injuries are minimal. I have slight discomfort in the leg that had the DVT and I’m still on anticoagulants. I have full function of both my lungs though and besides living life on anticoagulants I’m not physically impaired in any way. Psychologically, I will always be a little messed up and will ALWAYS carry the anxiety that it could happen again, but I feel extremely lucky compared to so many other women who were severely injured or killed by these drugs.

So, big hugs going out to all of you and please let us know how you’re doing.



  1. Great idea! I’d love to know if others struggle like I do.

    I was a very healthy, active person before I had my DVT and massive bilateral PEs in 2006 and now, it’s like my body is against me or continually falling apart. I still suffer with constant shortness of breath, asthma like attacks and tachycardia. I live in the very hot, humid South, so this is all exemplified for 8-9 months out of the year. I also seem to catch every respiratory infection that floats by me. I even had pneumonia twice within a few months. The worst part is that my son, who had just turned two when these clots almost killed me, is now eight and I feel like I can’t do anything overly active with him because I just can’t breathe. And let’s not forget the fear that I almost left my family once… that’s always, always there. It truly sucks!

    I feel for everyone who is dealing with this mess! I wish Bayer would just admit their fault and quit jerking us all around!!!

  2. Same thing here, I am healthier than most and extremely fortunate. DVT & Bi-lateral Pulmonary Embolisms in 2007. The usual touch and go for a while there. But after a blood transfusion, endometrial ablation and then eventually a hysterectomy and gaining 50-60lbs from depression (all because of this mess); I can finally say adios. Completely off meds for this. No more blood thinners – alleluia!!! And another fortunate thing is that the doctor was able to keep my ovaries, so no hormone treatment since I can’t be on any EVER!!! It still amazes me that only 6 months being on Yasmin to control heavy periods could result in such a life threatening, life-long headache.

    Still waiting on final settlement and/or answers. For at least 6 months now I have been told that they are just waiting on one letter from BCBS to tell them they have no liens when I wasn’t even using BCBS during the time of my incident. They have to have this letter in order to investigate my claim before they can release any funds. I can’t even get them to tell me if I can expect to receive the entire portion that was withheld or if any of my insurance company will take their share. All I want to know from them is if my insurance company participated in the program that will not take my money, but they are not telling me anything. So I guess once they finally get the letter from BCBS, then they have to investigate. I just as soon forget about this mess and get on with my life. As much as I need that money, I am not getting it any time soon if I get anything at all.

    Is anybody getting anything other than either nothing or screwed? Anybody getting any good news?

  3. I am doing well. My sickness started May 2012 a stroke at work and 5 subsequent strokes and eventually having brain surgery in December 2012 due to weakening in the artery from the several strokes I had. According to the test results May 9th was not the first stroke that I had. I was on YAZ for over 10 years and pretty healthy with the exception of hypertension which increased my risk of stroke tremendously. Needless to say, all of the lawyers I have contacted denied my claim b/c I was not on YAZ at the time of illness. I am very blessed to be living, however, someone should be held responsible for the hardship I had. It seems like the attorneys donโ€™t want to work for the winning, they want an easy shoo-in to win hands down. If anyone can provide any advice, please let me know.

  4. coloradogal · · Reply

    I feel very lucky to have no residual medical issues. PE/DVT in 2008, was on anticoagulants for 6 months and then again after some surgeries I had to have (not related to the incident). Went through a difficult time when an IUD was incorrectly inserted and caused complications–to which I attribute back to the PE and never being allowed on hormonal birth control ever again. But unfortunately the attorneys did not see that as relating back to my case. I am saddened when I read of women still suffering and wish everyone the best.

  5. In 2009 I went to the ER after days of a swollen leg and pain. They transfered me do another hospital via ambulance. That ER doctor sent me home with blood thiners even though the nurses were whispering to me that I shouldn’t leave. I was naive, you’re supposed to trust doctors right? At this time the clot was from my ankle to my thigh. Two days later the pain was now radiating into my abdomen so I went back to ER, I knew it was worse. They ended up doing emergency surgery and the surgeon said I was lucky to be alive. I was on lovenex shots for a month and blood thinners for year and half. My leg is bigger than the other one and I have occasional aching in it but am grateful to be alive. I received my first partial payment in March of 2013 and am still waiting on final payment. I just want this mess to be over. I was on Yaz for one month and am furious it’s still on the market. Thank you Mrs. T for this site!!!

  6. Elle, it sounds like we have almost identical cases, if you have received your settlement I would love to know what range your settlement fell into. Did you get an additional settlement for loss of fertility? My lawyer seems to think that since I had to have a blood transfusion and a hysterectomy within 6 months of my PE I should get more … feel free to email me at AREadvocates [at] gmail ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. So I had my stroke from YAZ in 2012. I haven’t heard a thing from my attorney except that Bayer is not working on the Stroke patients yet. Is this true??

    1. Not necessarily. There have been plenty of stroke patients that have been offered settlements. I just think it depends on the lawyer and whether they put stroke victims in their settlement groups and why.

      1. I was denied by an attorney b/c when I discovered I had the stroke, I was no longer taking YAZ. However, my dr confirmed it was an old stroke that I had and was having another one.

  8. I just stumbled on these posts researching the claims on the yaz lawsuit. I was on yasmine for a couple of years then switched to yaz for about another year. As of yet, i haven’t found out about having any of the more side effects. But i now have recurring cysts popping up on my ovaries. In June of 2012 I found out i was pregnant. I had a cyst on my right ovary. The baby died after the cyst disappeared. Now, just yesterday, i found out my most recent pregnancy was lost too. I was to be nearly 14 weeks a long. In the beginning of the pregnancy, the doctor found a cyst on my right ovary. Yesterday, when my ultrasound showed my deceased baby, no cyst was found. Of course I’m still waiting for the results for the loss to come back, but this is too much of a coincidence in my book. Is it possible that these cysts, that keep popping up as a side effects from yaz, are the cause of losing my babies? I guess that’s something for the doctor to decide. But could this possibly be another reason for a claim against yaz? I’m angry…I’m upset…and just plain torn apart that my baby died. Especially since i made aabsolutely positive to do everything right this time. Starting the first day of my positive pregnancy test.

  9. Jennifer C · · Reply

    I have been blessed, hit my 4 year anniversary of surviving my blood clots this past October and my settlement has been paid out and I am all done with everything all monies paid out and invested and bills paid and car paid off treated myself where needed. Some days I sit back and just thank God for the many blessings, but sometimes I am sad because I wouldn’t be where I am because of the horrible 4 days that left me in the hospital scared and on deaths bed watching my son pray to God that mommy wakes up in the morning. I am grateful that I am able to share this with you ladies because no one I know personally has experienced this and understands like you ladies do. I hope those that are awaiting payments get answers soon and I hope those that lost loved ones find comfort in knowing that justice will be served!

    1. Victorious · · Reply

      I am glad things worked out for you! I was denied my claim as the lawyers said my six strokes had nothing to do with my injury. I am just blessed and thankful I am still alive!

      1. Hi Victorious, I see you posted this some time ago, but I hope you contacted more than one firm; not all firms require the same criteria for them to take your case and criteria can change!

        I do truly admire your attitude of gratitude despite an extremely unfortunate scenario.

      2. Anonymous · ·

        I did. I talked to two law firms and they both said the same thing. So I didnt look any more. If you have someone you can refer me too, that would be awesome, that is if its not too late.

  10. I finally received my settlement offer..it SUCKS…alot. It’s about half of what the Lawyers were saying that DVTs & PEs were going to get two years ago. My Paralegal says not to expect to see any money for at least another 9 months and probably not for a full year. I’m trying to be thankful/grateful…but it’s still hard.

  11. Two months ago on November 10th I suffered a massive PE and cardiac arrest while taking Beyaz. I am alive because I had my cell phone in my pocket and live 10 minutes from Duke Hospital. I have recovered from multi-system organ failure, metabolic encephalopathy, and aspiration pneumonia. Cardiac rehab has helped my stamina but my chest and spine still hurt from the chest compressions and my leg that had the DVT aches. I just stumbled upon this site researching lawyers. As far as I am concerned, all pills containing drospirenone should be taken off the market!

  12. Anonymous · · Reply

    Dec 2007 I suffered a clot in my mesontery artery., needed emergency surgery to remove a portion of my intestines, placed in a medical come. Another clot started growing the next day so I had more surgery (10-12hrs each) to have additional intestines removed. The day after Christmas again needed my third surgery in two weeks but this time they had to remove all but 5inches of intestine & I work up again about a week later with a colostomy. I went to Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC to a specialist who was able to reverse my colostomy. Because of my feeding tube & TPN I developed kidney disease, the only thing to get my kidneys functioning again was chemotherapy & mega doses of steroids. Due to the high doses of steroids I developed AVN of my joints & had to have a double hip replacement. I’ve also had a stimulator placed in my back due to pain, I still go to Physical Therapy twice a week. There’s a lot more, these are just the highlights but I do work 15-20hrs a week & lead a VERY different lifestyle then I did before I got sick. I thank God & my family for staying by my side. I filed suit in 2010 & haven’t heard anything except they are going to start looking at arterial cases “soon”. I am only one of many people with extensive life changing injuries, I can not believe they have not taken this off the market yet!! Good luck & God Bless to all. This was a reader digest version of my illness.

    1. Anonymous · · Reply

      I had 6 strokes and brain surgery in 2012 as a result of being on YAZ. I was told that I had to be ON yaz during the injuries, even though my doctor had just switched me off Yaz months before. But since I was not taking the medication, they wouldnt hear my case. Good luck. ๐Ÿ™‚

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