This blog is NOT created by a lawyer! I am a wife and mother who suffered a massive bi-lat PE and DVT in 2010 due to Yaz birth control pills. I am a plaintiff in the Multi-District Litigation lawsuit against Bayer and have had a difficult time finding reliable information about Yaz that wasn’t created by a lawyer looking to acquire new Yaz plaintiffs.

My goal is to provide a safe and anonymous place for discovery and discussion regarding women’s blood clot experiences with Yaz, Yasmin, and generic Drospirenone birth control pills, the lawsuit, and continued recovery. Although I sympathize with the women who have suffered gallbladder injuries or any other severe complications caused by Yaz, my focus here will be specific to DVT/PE/Stroke victims. Since I am not a lawyer or medical professional much of this page will be reposts of other resources I’ve found. I hope you find this site helpful.



  1. Brandi Phelan · · Reply

    Hello. I was hoping to speak to you about the yaz claim I recently filed since you seem to know alot about it. Would you be able to email me so I can send you my story?

    1. Sure, no problem. I’ll drop you a line.

  2. Have you found anything out about the QSF? I have gone through this whole process. Finally in June 2013 my lawyers office said the last step was to get any liens cleared. I waited and followed up once a month, not wanting to bother. Finally last week I got my attorney’s assistant on the phone and asked why this was taking so long. She says it’s not her its the lien company. I got the name and number, called the lien company myself and got everything cleared in less than a week. I call my attorney’s office back and they say….” That’s fine but now is the longest process we are told, to get Bayer to release the funds from the QSF.” I participate in a PLRP. According to the timeline this should only take weeks. According to the lien company it should only take 2-3 weeks. My attorney is saying possibly another year???? Any light you can shed on this?

    1. @Lady Di, unfortantely no. Settlement fund distribution is all over the place. It seems like right now more people are complaining that Bayer is dragging their feet to release funds, so my guess is that it’s a cycle: a group of cases settle and Bayer releases money, then a few more cases settle and Bayer releases more money. I’m guessing they are releasing funds on a quarterly basis and that we’re in between cycles. It’s also not clear who will actually distribute funds to you – the lien resoluion provider or your lawyer? Ask both your lawyer and the lien company this question. Have you recieved an initial settlement check?

  3. Hi. I suffered a DVT after the warning was changed in April, 2012. The Yaz I was taking did not have the new warning label. I got it from my doctor. Do you know if Bayer is settling cases after for DVTs that occurred after the warning was changed?

    1. @V.C – Talk to a lawyer and see what they say, but my guess is that unless you’ve kept all the packaging proving the YAZ you took did not have the updated warnings then I’m afraid you wouldn’t have much of a case. You never know though and it costs you nothing to at least talk to a lawyer. Best of luck!

  4. blessed · · Reply

    I was told july 1, 2014 bayer will be releasing funds for payout and distributing (lien fees etc. ) than clients payment 4-6 weeks after that.

  5. In searching this issue I stumbled across your page… I’m frustrated with not even knowing how to start pursuing this, I’m begging for some guidance please…
    Trying to keep this short; I started Yasmin in 2003, while still on it I was hospitalized in 2006 for a PE. Went through all that suffering and recovered, never had a problem… THEN over 1-1/2 years ago, injury at work put me sedentary duty, ended up with a DVT that moved up into a (another) PE… All kinds of ugly.
    My workers comp case, apparently no one wins on those cases… MY doctors all believe this last bout was caused by the initial work injury and being on sedentary duty, etc… Their “specialists” say my history shows I’m prone to them now… I’m still trying to recover from this (physically and of course financially being off work the entire time!).
    Now I’m wondering if I possibly have 2 cases against them!
    I thought I read there was one firm representing all claimants, then I read to find your own Personal Injury lawyer … I feel like I’m spinning in circles with no idea where to go and it looks like time is running out.
    Do you have time to assist me? Thank you so much!

    1. Based solely on your 2006 PE, I think you’d have a case, but only a lawyer can evaluate that for sure.
      Step 1: Google “YAZ MDL Lawyer ___name of city/state you’re in____”
      Step 2: Start researching each law office. Read their website, write out who their YAZ lawyers are, read any testimonials.
      Step 3: Choose 3 lawyers you think you’d be most comfortable working with and call them for a case evaluation.
      Step 4: Choose one of the 3 to represent you and file a case. (I’d recommend choosing a law office that has already settled some cases. They’ll be more familiar with the entire process, which I think could help speed things up for you.)
      There are any number of lawyers representing claimants, not just one law firm. However, all the cases are consolidated into the MDL which is through the Southern District of Illinois and Judge Herndon. If you dig through the blog you’ll see some posts explaining it, but your lawyer can go into detail.
      Best of luck!

  6. Thank you for the advice, much appreciated. Best wishes to you!

  7. I’m not sure if I read a statement incorrectly on a different site, but do you know if you have to choose an attorney that practices in the state you lived in at time of illness… I am now living in a different state that I did back then…

    1. No, you can choose a lawyer in a different state from where your injuries were treated or from where you live. I chose a lawyer in my own state simply to have them in the same time zone and the outside possability that I could meet them in person.

  8. In 2007 I suffered 14 blood clots thanks to Yaz ! 8 in my lungs, 1 bruised my heart, 3 in my thigh, 3 in my calf. I was prescribed Yaz for a blood disorder. I seeked out a lawyer and filed a lawsuit against Bayer. Last June I received a meager payment as he described as partial of my settlement, and I was supposed to receive the rest in October of 2014. However, since then he keeps telling me there is a lien release issue ?! This whole thing has been a nightmare! I have to go for blood work every week and I am on no less than 14 to 16 mg of Coumadin a day . In order for me to have any proceedures done I have to go on Loxanox shots until my PRNIR levels out. I’m disgruntled because I keep e-mailing my Lawyer as to when this will be resolved ? No response. I filed a personal lawsuit not a class action. There are so many of “us” out there and so many Lawyers wanted to help, but what good is it ?!? No amount of $$$ is ever going to cover what I’m going through and will continue to, the rest of my life !!

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