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Money in hand. Now what?

Many of us are receiving settlement offers for amounts of money that exceed anything we’ve seen at one time and probably more than some of us make in a year. Some of you are lucky enough to have received (or will soon receive) an initial settlement check. So you’ve got a check, now what? Not being a […]

What’s your timeline?

The main question we’ve been getting now is “how much time?” Here’s your chance to share your timeline so we can keep them all in one place and hopefully give eachother a little encouragment. Per usual, best not to get too specific, but if you’d like to share what your general timeline has been please […]

REMINDER: YAZ MDL Status Conference

Just wanted to remind those of you who are interested that there is an MDL Status Conference with Judge Herndon  being held today at 1:00pm CT. The info is publicly posted, so it doesn’t look like they are restricting anyone from calling. Can’t promise they will have anything very exciting to disclose. I think the […]

Garretson YAZ PLRP Operational Milestone Chart

Many of you who come across this website seem to be in the final stages of your settlements (jealous!). This is great news, but I know it’s left most of you painfully frustrated that you’re being told to hurry up and wait AGAIN when it comes to the lien resolution. In a previous post some […]

Garretson Resolution Group: FAQ for YAZ Claimants

Found this FAQ while digging around online. Hope it’s useful. FAQ for Claimants: YAZ Private Lien Resolution Program I’m curious about this question specifically: Question: What holdback does the PLRP require? The PLRP states that a Claimant’s holdback of gross settlement value shall be equal to the greater of the terms of the PLRP (20% holdback) […]