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Obsessing, Waiting, and the Ones Who Got Screwed. . .

The lawsuit and following its slow-moving progress has been a bit of an obsession, so much so that I had to cut myself off for a bit. I’d been compulsively searching for new information about the lawsuit, but so little new information has been release that it became pointless and frustrating. Bayer and the lawyers seemed […]

Not so New News. . .

The Madison-St.Clair Record reports January 10, 2013 that Judge Herndon claims “steady progress” in both the Yaz and Pradaxa MDL cases. The estimated number of  settled Yaz cases is still at 1,500, which is where it sat a few months ago. Phwew, thank you for that riveting update, Madison-St.Clair Record. My guess is we’ll get another report […]

“Bayer on track for a successful 2012”. . .and why this pisses me off.

According to the 3rd quarter stockholder’s newsletter from Bayer, business is good. While this doesn’t surprise me considering the vast number of drugs and products they produce, it irks me. I never actually thought the Yaz MDL would shut down Bayer or even get them to pull the drospirenone drugs off the market, but there […]


Bayer’s Xarelto OK’d for NHS Use Considering the number of products that Bayer creates it’s no surprise that they also produce a blood thinner medication. I just find it painfully ironic that they created the number one selling birth control pill that is 3 times more likely to cause blood clots and now have the […]

Yaz Settlements Exceed $402 Million

Settlement discussions are progressing and nearly 1,900 cases have settled for a combined amount of $402.6 million. Again, the “magic number” average is approximately $200K. Bayer made $1.1 billion in Yaz/Yasmin sales in 2011. That’s BILLION!  for ONE year of sales! If everyone settles for $200K is that going to be enough to make Bayer […]

Yaz Lawsuit Motion Denied –

Yaz Lawsuit Motion Denied

Yaz plaintiffs were denied a motion to force Bayer to release documents which they had withheld. This motion does not seem to have any effect on the current settlement negotiations. 

Is Your Lawfirm Next in Line to Settle?

The news is slowly coming out that nearly 1,500 Yaz lawsuit cases have settled and my Google Alerts has been revving up. The latest article is from the Forthworth Legal Examiner. The author, Injury Lawyer (surprise, surprise) Shezad Malik, states that 33 law firms have settled 1,444 cases. This is the first time I’ve read […]