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YAZ MDL Status Conference

Just a quick note: the US Southern District  of Illinois Court met yesterday for an MDL 2100 YAZ status update meeting. The meeting minutes are vague and short at best. The mention of the QSF (Qualified Settlement Fund) has me intrigued – will require more research. My guess is that it’s for the gallbladder cases […]

290% Increased Chance of a Blood Clot! WTF!!??!!

Love me some infographics, because nothing communicates life-or-death information like some stick figures and crafty fonts. But, seriously, there is a reason infographics are so popular and work great for marketing a message – keyword “marketing.” Just because it’s on an infographic doesn’t make it true. . .or does it? Dammit, I’m confused! Below is […]

Obsessing, Waiting, and the Ones Who Got Screwed. . .

The lawsuit and following its slow-moving progress has been a bit of an obsession, so much so that I had to cut myself off for a bit. I’d been compulsively searching for new information about the lawsuit, but so little new information has been release that it became pointless and frustrating. Bayer and the lawyers seemed […]

An Education: Beyond Birth Control 101

A well written article from McGill University student, Emily Saul, posted on The McGill Daily blog: It’s Not Just the Pill: It’s what it represents The article eloquently expresses what so many women have experienced  in regards to their birth control usage – limited choices with little to no education provided by their doctors. I’m […]

Settlement and Lien Resolution Timeline

Once you get past the Pepto-Pink layout of the Zill, Kranz, and Borgess law firm’s blog Yaz, Yasmin and You (UPDATE: as of Aug. 2013 this blog no longer exists) you’ll find some really useful information. I commend them for being so open and communicative with their clients (and the public). These are the most informative posts […]

Is the End in Sight?

Well, that might be wishful thinking, but I did hear from my lawyers confirming our settlement negotiations will take place this month and next. So far that means very little to me since I’ve heard how long the settlement process actually takes (6+ mo). I’ll try to update information about the process and timelines, so […]

It’s NOT a Class Action Lawsuit. . .GHEEZ!!!

I’ve been getting my Google Alert emails and many are for law office blog posts that keep calling the Yaz lawsuit a Class Action suit. It’s NOT! It is a Multi-District Litigation lawsuit (MDL)!!! Most of these blog posts are typically followed by a generic call to action. . .”If you or a loved one have […]