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Happy and Healthy (?)

I promised to post this a long time ago, but life as usual has been nutty, so here it is a few months late. . . How is everyone feeling? Where are you in your recovery process and has your health stabilized or are you continuing to struggle with injuries big or small? My DVT/PE’s […]

What’s your timeline?

The main question we’ve been getting now is “how much time?” Here’s your chance to share your timeline so we can keep them all in one place and hopefully give eachother a little encouragment. Per usual, best not to get too specific, but if you’d like to share what your general timeline has been please […]

Initiate Phase. . . .Whatever

Last week I received my settlement offer. I’d be more excited, but having had so many women share their experiences here on this blog, I have a pretty good idea of what’s in store and it’s just another long phase of waiting. I am grateful, I am. But, I’m not gonna lie, I was expecting […]

Tell me something good. . .

I’ve decided that we need to share some good news on this blog. I’m tired of being so focused on what is NOT happening or how we feel discouraged or downright mistreated. I’d like to hear about some positive things whether they are YAZ MDL related or not. I’ll go first. . . I totally […]


When I was really into Weight Watchers I frequented their website to find women who were my age, weight,  and height to read their success stories. I’d compare my progress and photos to their own and I found it would encourage me to keep going (“If they could do, I could do it”) and boost […]

Initial Results – Plaintiff Experience Survey

It’s late here, but I wanted to get preliminary results from the survey up, so, I will refill my wine glass and carry on. I apologize for not providing a proper analysis, that will have to wait for when I have more time and less wine on hand, haha (can you blame me though, my […]

The Exact Opposite of Who You Think Would Get a Clot. . .

One of our readers shares her story. She was an active 19-year-old getting ready for her 2nd year of college and a new soccer season when YAZ landed her in the hospital with multiple DVTs. Young, active, and healthy – it just goes to show that YAZ does not discriminate. My name is Sarah, I’m […]