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MDL 2100 Yasmin and YAZ (Drospirenone): Plaintiff Experience Survey

UPDATE: THIS SURVEY IS NO LONGER ACTIVE AND HAS BEEN DELETED, PLEASE SEE FOLLOW-UP POSTS FOR ANSWERS AND ANALYSIS. So, I created a survey for basically two reasons: 1.) so we can easily compare and average out what our claim and settlement experiences have been in an anonymous platform and 2.) the curiosity is killing […]

Crickets. . .

That’s what I’m getting from my lawyers right now, total crickets. Granted I have not been very aggressive to get information from them about what progress has been made in the Yaz MDL settlements, mostly because I’m cheap and realize every time I talk to them my bill goes up (do you know that lawyers […]

Life goes on. . .

Sorry for the total lack of posts lately. As all of us know, despite our ongoing health issues, life goes on (if we’re lucky) and we have to get up, go to work, take care of our families or our cat or our hedgehog (I really want a hedgehog) and try to be happy. My […]

No news is, well. . .it’s no news.

Nothing new in the news. No word from my lawyers. It’s a waiting game – as most of this lawsuit has been. I’ll try to think of something to post while I’m waiting for the next round of news. For right now, I’m going to pour a glass of wine, make some dinner, stretch out […]

You’re still on blood thinners?

I was on the phone with my sister today and made the comment that I was still on blood thinners, and she responded with a surprised, “Wait, what!? You’re still on blood thinners? I thought you didn’t have to take those anymore.” My sister figured that since it had been nearly two years since my […]

$200K, the Magic Number. . .

The only settlement information that has been released claims that of the 12K+ cases only 650 have settled for an average dollar amount of just over $200,000 (total $142 mil). Now, this is just an average and we have no idea how much individuals have actually been awarded, but it seems to be the magic […]

If you are taking Yaz and you have leg pain, GO SEE A FRICKIN DOCTOR!

Gheez, I read some of these posts on a Yaz forum from women complaining about being on Yaz and having unendurable leg pain. FOR CHRIST’S SAKE! Go talk to your doctor about getting checked out for blood clots. They can easily take your blood and check your d-dimers or do a venousĀ doppler. Ugh, so frustrating!