Originally I figured this was process for the YAZ settlement offers (not having been through it yet myself I’m going off what I’ve learned from other Plaintiffs): 1.) You receive a settlement offer 2.) You sign your settlement agreement 3.) You get a partial payment less lawyers fees and PLRP hold-back 4.) Eventually, you receive […]

Just wanted to remind those of you who are interested that there is an MDL Status Conference with Judge Herndon  being held today at 1:00pm CT. The info is publicly posted, so it doesn’t look like they are restricting anyone from calling. Can’t promise they will have anything very exciting to disclose. I think the […]

Many of you who come across this website seem to be in the final stages of your settlements (jealous!). This is great news, but I know it’s left most of you painfully frustrated that you’re being told to hurry up and wait AGAIN when it comes to the lien resolution. In a previous post some […]

Found this FAQ while digging around online. Hope it’s useful. FAQ for Claimants: YAZ Private Lien Resolution Program I’m curious about this question specifically: Question: What holdback does the PLRP require? The PLRP states that a Claimant’s holdback of gross settlement value shall be equal to the greater of the terms of the PLRP (20% holdback) […]

Just a quick note: the US Southern District  of Illinois Court met yesterday for an MDL 2100 YAZ status update meeting. The meeting minutes are vague and short at best. The mention of the QSF (Qualified Settlement Fund) has me intrigued – will require more research. My guess is that it’s for the gallbladder cases […]

I’ve decided that we need to share some good news on this blog. I’m tired of being so focused on what is NOT happening or how we feel discouraged or downright mistreated. I’d like to hear about some positive things whether they are YAZ MDL related or not. I’ll go first. . . I totally […]

When I was really into Weight Watchers I frequented their website to find women who were my age, weight,  and height to read their success stories. I’d compare my progress and photos to their own and I found it would encourage me to keep going (“If they could do, I could do it”) and boost […]