Other sites or blogs that I’ve found useful:

Garretson Group YAZ PLRP FAQ – A lot of information regarding the Private Lien Resolution Program we all had to sign in order to be considered for a settlement.

Yasmin & Yaz Survivor Forum  – Although it seems to be filled with mostly women complaining of side effects not associated with blood clots, it looks to be an active board. I’ve not joined this forum, only lurked. . . Ok, I just joined.

Sweetening the Pill – An intelligent and thoughtful author digs deeper into the use and ignorance surrounding birth control for women. Wish she had some more recent posts.

Yasmin & Yaz Survivors Blog (not affiliated to this blog) – Created by the owner of the Yasmin & Yaz Survivor Forum, Helena. It is primarily a place for women to share their stories.

National Blood Clot Alliance / Stop the Clot – A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting blood clot (DVT/PE/Stroke) awareness and early detection.

Southern District of Illinois – United States District Court: MDL 2100 – Yasmin and YAZ (Drospirenone) Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation

Lawyers that were/are on the MDL Plaintiff Steering Committee and their law offices (work in progress):

– Onder, Shelton, O’Leary & Peterson, LLC

Simmons Attorney at Law

Seeger Wiess LLP

Roger Denton

Michael S. Burg

Michael London

Mark N. Niemeyer

Andres F. Alonso

Daniel Becnel

A.J. DeBartolomeo

Thomas Girardi

Arnold Levin

Jeff Lowe

Roopal R. Luhana

Steven Maher

Trent Miracle

Mark Robinson

Timothy O’Brien

Christopher Seeger

Paul Pennock


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  1. Cynthia · · Reply

    Does anyone have a experience to share with a attorney from New Mexico handling their case? Very frustrated with the run around, lack of progress, lack of knowledge, and the blame game between my attorney and Garretsons. Thanks

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